Five Effective Powerful Steps to Easily Reduce Stress

Stress Does Not Define Us

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What is your definition of Stress?

Is it multi-tasking with a million interruptions?

Is it worrying about your job?

Is it fearing all that is going on in the world today?

Stress comes in many shapes, sizes, beliefs, experiences and reactions.

The most important thing to know about Stress is WE have the Power to control it and not let it control us. 

  • The first step is recognizing what your particular stressors are. Mine are things like traffic, standing in long lines, lost of noise, yelling and arguing loudly.
  • The second step is to acknowledge that we have the ability to weather the storm, to let it flow through us not into us. What I mean as one of mentors always says “like a flock of birds” see it, be aware and let it go just like a flock of birds take off in two different directions and meet up again in another spot.

When we let stressors take over our energy field, it is like pouring cement on our body it becomes heavy and burdened. If you let it flow, it does not impact our body, mind, soul or emotions. Yes letting some stressors not impact us is not always easy but remember the saying “baby steps” we need to learn how and like a new “muscle” start to develop it.

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  • The third step is when you have stressors that are just too big for you to handle, you can ask for support from others, journal, get away from the stressors causing event, meditate and be ready for action the next time that type of stressor shows up.
  • The fourth step is to not beat yourself up, be gentle on yourself and others around you. We live in a very fast paced society especially if you live in a big city you need to take time to renew and rejuvenate.
  • The fifth step is to find ways to have Ease, Fun, Joy and to Be in the Present moment this will help your nervous system to be calmer and then you will not react to quickly to some of the stressors you are exposed to.


Stress is a part of our live yes and having stress also brings along with it anxiety, depression, worry, headaches, neck tension, eye issues and a whole host of other problems. Negative energy finds many different places to hide in your body and then you can’t figure out why you are in pain and the doctor’s can’t find out what is wrong.

So love yourself, start each day with an uplifting word and smile whenever you can.

5 Effective Powerful Steps to Easily Reduce Stress