I also combine my energetic allergy healer knowledge when working with my clients when they agree to go further and enhance their healing and remove blocks quicker.

I find the majority of my clients have emotions, beliefs and traumas  that are affecting their quality of  life they are not even aware of


The allergies can be anything from:

food intolerances,

environmental issues,

hormonal issues,

digestive issues,

chakras and meridian imbalance,

molds, fungus, yeast and bacteria,



and family.


I work with my clients for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the issues being presented


This service is also available as a stand alone service, howe but I still use many of my tools with all of my clients no matter what we are working on or which service has been requested.


My fees:

 $125 for 60 – 90 minutes

15 minute consult – No Charge


Book a session by clicking on the link below:




When using the word allergy it is based on the fact that whatever is contributing to your issues can be cleared so you can move forward and feel more energized, lighter and healthier in your body.


After you book your session, you will receive an email with a form for you to send me your top 1 to 3 most pressing priorities that you would like to work on during our session.





There are no guarantees for any type of this work in whether or not it will work for you or how long it will take.  Everybody is different and every situation is individual.  Some clients get quick results while others need to work through layers and layers of stuff such as trauma, emotions and blocked energies.  I work with your energy body and always give the Best that your body will accept.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or magic wand that I can give you to make it happen sooner