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My services include 1:1 personal, confidential goal, action oriented sessions to help you begin to move forward with ease and confidence.

My services include my 5 step program for success whereby we work together to help you accomplish the goals that are most pressing to you.

I also have a group membership where we meet once a month for 60 minutes so you can address any concerns you have in a non-judgmental supportive community environment.

Additionally I offer medical intuitive and allergy energy healing as I believe many issues we encounter are not our fault, we bring issues, traumas and beliefs from our ancestors into our current day to day and we are not even aware that they are running the show.




My program fees:

6 month 1:1 private sessions meeting three (3 ) times a month with unlimited email and one 15 minute supportive call pre-arranged

$1200.00 monthly

Full pay $1000.00


One year program  with all of the above


Full pay $2000.00

If you miss a session, unless it is an emergency situation you will receive a one time flexible excuse and be able to reschedule for another date and time.  Missing appointments only slows down your progress.

Before each Session you will receive a form to send back no later than 24 hours before our session so that I will know what has been working for you and what we may need to work on for our next session.

I absolutely want your experience to be easy, stress free, fun, energizing and productive working with me.


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I am currently working on a stress reduction course that I would like to offer to you when completed as a thank you gift